April 29, 2011

Alright, I'm a little frustrated with Snapfish because they still haven't even told me that they've received my film that I sent last Friday afternoon, but have already received and processed film I sent Monday afternoon (from the same mailbox, I might add).  I'm hoping that something screwed up with the system and the prints will just show up in my mailbox without scanning, and that the roll wasn't lost or ruined, so we'll see what happens in the next few days.  I really really really want to see those photos!

I don't care as much about these.  I like a few, but on the whole I feel pretty meh about this roll.  Ah well, that's bound to happen right?  (I think a lot of it is due to the yucky colors in many of them).  These were taken with my Konica on 200 speed Four Corner Store film.

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