April 8, 2011

garden tilt-shift

Tonight we had a photography club photowalk (well, it was supposed to be a photowalk, but we didn't end up leaving the garden cause hardly any people showed up) and I decided I wanted to shoot mostly with my tilt-shift lens since I visit the garden so often with "normal" lenses anyway.  I used my own tilt-shift lens (made with a Bronica 75mm) and borrowed a friend's made with a 40mm lens which was different and fun but a little harder to manipulate.  The above images are from both lenses!

Psst--I also borrowed Paul's fisheye but I'm saving those photos for another post


  1. oddly enough i love all the even numbered ones the most! sorry i didn't come out, i was afraid of making the trip with auden in case it rained :[

  2. I love the first daffodil one and the one directly after it especially :) I also love the ones I faved on flickr :P

  3. I like all...it's a happy daily life:)


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