May 2, 2011

quadcam vs. nikon EM: a spring double exposure experiment

SO!  The long lost (ok not long lost really at all) roll of film has made itself present to me!  Snapfish evidently just forgot to let me know they received my film/scan my images, but the prints showed up in my mailbox right on schedule.  I was really excited to see the results of this roll, and I suppose I'm pleased with it overall.  The first few shots are pretty bad, but there are a few I really enjoy!  I shot a roll of Fuji 200 through my quadcam and then rewound it to shoot again through my Nikon EM.  I think I'll definitely be trying again, but a big problem I've experienced with shooting film more than once is that the exposures don't usually line up.  Snapfish evidently decided to set the boundaries of these prints based on the quadcam images rather than the EM ones (though I was sure it would be the other way around: I assumed the EM would have produced stronger images and they'd be easier to distinguish) but the offsetting works pretty well for some shots I think.

Psst: the last two exposures are just normal photos taken with my EM.  I got impatient shooting the quadcam so I rewound it before I shot it the whole way through so I could stick it in the EM :)


  1. I've noticed that your EM tends to produce more subdued images which could be why the quad images were more dominant. I like the quad lines a lot. They create great combinations of images. I think you are on to something here. I look forward to seeing more of these. Great work!

  2. I love so many of these! Shooting this roll how you shot it was a really neat idea.

  3. please tell me how double exposure with nikon em ??


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