March 21, 2011

st. thomas: day 6 (secret harbor)

The last full day of our trip we set out to find some really great snorkeling.  The Frommer's guide my mom brought along indicated that a place called Secret Harbor was worth checking out so we headed that way.  The beach is actually at a resort, but it's open to the public.  Parking was confusing and we were all nervous about getting the car towed by parking it in a resort parking spot but an employee gave us the OK and we walked to the sand.  The beach was quiet, small, and absolutely beautiful.  What we found under the water was even more incredible.  I saw sea turtles in their natural habitat for the first time (something I'd wanted to see the whole trip) as well as so many other fish and amazing coral.  I took a risk and put my D80 in my questionable underwater housing because the underwater scenery was too much to miss (although the Pentax does a pretty good job).  Some condensation did find its way in but my camera is okay.  Glad we waited to visit this beach til the last day--if we'd gone before that, we would have gotten spoiled!

Sort of shotty underwater panorama

Can I help you?



Blah badly composed

(taking the photo of Evin taking the photo of me)

Supposed to be a photo of the turtle but I failed at focusing

Absolutely one of my favorite photos from the trip

One more day's worth of photos and I'll finally be done blogging about my trip and ready to move on to other things! (ie the 3 rolls of film I had processed over break, spring photos, etc)

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  1. Another great series! I am enjoying 'sharing' your trip.


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