March 23, 2011

overdue film: jan/feb 2011

This looks much dumber than I thought it would

Sometimes Evin goes in my bathroom and comes out wearing all my headbands

Little things that make me smile

Using the record stack as a table

Light meter epic fail

I shot the second roll of expired Kodak HD 400 that Nikki sent me over the course of January and early February in my Nikon EM.  Again, like the last roll I shot with that film, the overall tone was more subdued and quiet (and the camera isn't fully manual so I couldn't do much about the photos that came out a bit darker).  I got this roll (and 2 others) processed right before heading to St. Thomas and am finally able to share them.  More to come!


  1. love the tulips and the one with the stars!

  2. The darker tones and softer focus in many of these shots adds a very rich feel. I love the way you are using available light as well. These are very creative and intriguing! Well done!


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