March 20, 2011

st. thomas: day 5 (magen's bay)

It's Sunday and I'm not getting much else done anyway so I figured I'd make another post to hurry along the process of sharing these vacation photos.  So, on Thursday, we headed to Magen's Bay which is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  When we arrived, though, it was overcast and not so picturesque as I was expecting.  It rained a couple of times but we were in the water so it didn't make much of a difference and after awhile it cleared up and sure enough the beach was gorgeous!  The snorkeling wasn't good but there were birds diving for fish all over the place and eventually we found huge schools of little fish swarming around and avoiding being eaten.  Afterwards, we headed to the St. Thomas Dairy to get some delicious milkshakes (psst: they had alcohol in them) and then I went back to Zora's shop to get my sandals fitted.
Always with the water on the lens

Baby palm trees!


Really happy with this one.

Ice cream

Berry Berry Good (Evin's) and Chocomint (mine)

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