March 17, 2011

st. thomas: day 3 (part 2: st. john's beaches)

After lunch and shopping in Cruz Bay, we got some pamphlets on where we could find the best snorkeling and set out in the Jeep.  We meant to go to Trunk Bay, a pretty famous one with an underwater trail, but it cost $4/person to get on the beach and parking was a nightmare, so we passed it up.  The first beach we did stop at was really beautiful but there wasn't much to see underwater, so after swimming around awhile we got back in the car and headed to a beach where we were sure to find something.  After a .8 mile hike along a rocky trail we ended up on a secluded beach and it was totally worth the walk.  So many great reefs and fish to be seen (got really worn out from swimming though!)
The first picturesque

Second beach.


These photos may look a little saturated, but they look a lot better than they did straight out of my little point and shoot.  I applied the cross-processing preset in Aperture to most of them.


Coral is the coolest thing

This is actually from the walk back to the car, a little out of order, whoops

Wish I'd gotten a better photo of this starfish

Self-portrait :P

Always taking advantage of those mountaintop locations to try more tilt-shift

Jeeps on the ferry home (I had my polarizer on my lens so the shutter speed was slow and this is blurry)

Got dinner at Duffy's Love Shack back on St. Thomas, where every drink comes in a unique cup you get to take home (my parents just wanted pint glasses though)

The restaurant is in a parking lot.
Ok, that's it for this day!

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