March 13, 2011

st. thomas: day 1

Last Sunday before 4am we were awake and headed to the airport to start our spring break adventure.  My parents, brother, boyfriend and I crammed in the car with our bags and headed to the airport.  Our flight left at 6am for Chicago and from there we'd head down to the Caribbean.  My parents had a direct flight and spent considerably less time in transit, but they still had to wake up and take us to our early plane, and they got to St. Thomas ahead of us to pick up the rental car.  They took us to our house for the week--practically a palace compared to the surrounding residences (the place belongs to a friend of a friend of my dad's, who happens to be a pretty wealthy real estate guy.  We got lucky)--and we had a drink before heading out for happy hour/dinner.  After tacos and pineapple and rum drinks, we went back home to swim in the pool or whatever.  I actually ended up drinking more than I should have and getting sick on the first night (I hadn't eaten much all day and they make the drinks stronger there, it turns out) which wasn't pleasant (and neither was the next morning).  Fortunately, I learned my lesson and didn't have that problem again for the rest of the week.
There weren't many great photos from the first day, but there are a few to illustrate the course of events anyway.
I was done with this book shortly into the second flight (I was rereading it anyway).  I followed it up with another Vonnegut book...and another...

Snow in Chicago eeeewww

Chicago skyline.  Looked cooler in person but hey my little point and shoot can only do so much

*~*~*The red carpet~*~*
We swore off fast food, but we'd already been awake for hours and they weren't going to feed us on our next flight.  We got McDonalds breakfast and it was glorious.
Up until about 5 minutes before takeoff, the seats next to me were empty.  I was thrilled.  It was too good to be old French-Canadian couple came and crushed my dreams of a less-cramped flight.
The marvelous view from our house for the week
Sneak peek of the skirt I made over winter break :P  First time wearing it!

Grimy from the plane -_____-
A "wing"

I'll be giving each day of our trip a blog post of its own...or two (some days I took over 300 photos...oops).  School starts up again tomorrow so I'll fit in posting when I can!

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