March 1, 2011

new england

I read a short story in Kurt Vonnegut's Welcome to the Monkey House last night before falling asleep on the couch that reminded me wonderfully of the days I spent in New England a few summers ago.  The story, entitled Where I Live, was set on Cape Cod.  Although I think I prefer the south, I tend to love all coastal places and today I went through the Facebook album I'd created from my trip up north.  My photography was a bit different then (August 2009), but the photos, especially as a cohesive album, brought me smiles (and further excitement for my trip to a coastal location in a few short days!)

I am SO kicking myself for not taking better photos of those gorgeous window-boxes.  UGH!

I have a rope keychain on my keys and a Vineyard Vines belt that both serve as daily reminders of this little adventure.  At the time, I don't think I appreciated it like I do now.  Nantucket on the weekend was full of beautiful, wealthy people who made me feel self-conscious and out of my element.  That feeling has gone and what's left is appreciation of the beauty and different lifestyle.

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