March 16, 2011

st. thomas: day 3 (part 1: arrival to st. john)

I guess the title of this post is less than accurate, seeing as we spent the day on St. John and not St. Thomas, but I have a title theme going so whatever.  On Tuesday morning, we got up and drove to Red Hook on St. Thomas to catch the car ferry over to nearby St. John.  This is the day from which I have the most pictures (364) so to cover it all it will take a couple of posts.  Here are some photos from the trip over and our time spent wandering around Cruz Bay before taking to the precarious roads in search of good snorkeling.  

Potted palm trees on the ferry...made me laugh
Cars and trucks and boats and mountains
A little tilt-shift on the ferry ride
St. John is beautiful
I just can't get enough of brightly colored buildings
I loved these trees too
The tree had a bit of a hole in it (see the shadow on the ground?)

You can barely tell, but there are people waving to someone in the gap in the leaves
We ate lunch with this view.  I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was.
A bar in the shade with a view and a wonderful breeze.  So perfect!
I made a friend because I had pizza.

On the playground
 Photos from St. John's beaches to come soon!

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