March 29, 2011

early spring film

Ok, so the title of this post is inaccurate--all of these photos were taken late February-early March (before spring break) before spring officially arrived.  However, it feels like a lot of these photos better represent spring than the weather we've been having here the past few SNOWED yesterday morning.  Snow on daffodils and the blossoms on the trees just isn't right, is it?
I'm feeling a little crappy about the turnout of my job activities yesterday--interviews and the networking event.  I don't think I portrayed myself the way I should have, but in my defense it was my first serious interview and networking event so I didn't really know how to behave.  I won't know for awhile if I got the job, but I'm planning on looking into other options.  
Anyway, enough personal stuff.  I just finished a roll of film today that I'm going to send out for processing so I should be able to post those photos sometime next week.


  1. stfu i am hungry.

    jobs are for fools, there's probably a shit desk position at vt if all else fails. you know you want to be a blacksburg for lifer!

  2. I really love the laundromat photos...these weren't with fourcornerstore film, were they? I have to say I'm a fan of the more natural white balance in these photos

  3. These were taken with Fuji 200 film cause I didn't think I could shoot 36 whole exposures before going to costco to get them processed...I like the colors too


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