March 22, 2011

st. thomas: day 7

The last and final day :(  We packed up and headed down to town one last time for last minute shopping and lunch.  Evin bought me a Swatch watch on a whim that I love and we ate at this tiny bar full of funny decorations.  When we got to the airport our plane was delayed but when we finally got in the air I had quite a bit of fun sticking my wide angle lens fitted with my polarizing filter out the window to create rainbows in the sky.
Had to take a photo of my Zora's all fresh and new because I know they won't be that way for long.

Plenty of rum in the Kmart (I bought a bottle of the green stuff--pineapple!)

Coconuts, where we ate lunch

VT dollar!

New watch :)

Working on a dollar to put up on the ceiling

Finished product

Farewell for now, beautiful place

Sad to leave, but I'll be back.  Can't give me my first taste of the beautiful, warm Caribbean and expect me never to return :)
That's it for the chronicling of our days in St. Thomas (I have some photos of the house we stayed in as well as another house owned by the guy who lent us his place that I may share later, I don't know).  Time to move on with sharing film and spring stuff! 

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