November 9, 2011

april in november

I was finally able to get together with April yesterday for some cozy sweater portraits!  We work together and have been trying to find a time to shoot for awhile now, and I'm so glad we got the chance. We loaded up a picnic cart with sweaters, blankets, coffee mugs and books and traipsed around a local park, snapping away.  She's a great model and we had a lot of fun, and we're already planning more shoots for the future!  Out of 234 photos, I picked 66 of my favorites and uploaded them to my Facebook page and then narrowed it down to 18 I absolutely love for this blog post :)


  1. Love the blanket-sweater-book combo!

  2. These are great portraits! What lens did you use? Did you use manual or autofocus?

  3. Thank you! I used my 50mm f1.8 for most of these portraits (the 35mm f1.8 for maybe one or two where distance was an issue), and the majority of it was autofocus. I don't trust myself to manual focus, because I have tried before and ended up with out of focus photos at f1.8 (shots through trees or openings or with a lot going on in the foreground I had to manual focus because the auto kept picking the wrong thing)


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