November 18, 2011

resilience and afternoon light

Today I've been going through my old magazines, tearing out anything and everything I can use as future inspiration so I can finally take the stacks and stacks of teenvogues and Vogues, etc, to recycling.  I've been snipping photos from fashion shoots and ads and pasting them in an old composition book...I've NEVER been good at getting rid of anything (this needs to change) so I'm compromising by saving small, useful bits.
I also took my tilt-shift lens out for two seconds to shoot the sad little Japanese maple leaves that are hanging on for dear life.  The tree was vibrantly red and full of leaves last Sunday, and now there are maybe five little resilient leaves left, hanging on at different points on the tree.  It's cold today, it's pitch-dark outside at 5pm, Thanksgiving is next week and the trees are more or less naked.  The winter blues are coming...

OH!  We're all caught up over on chaque semaine.  Regular weekly posting coming your way!

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