November 22, 2011

steel and copper

When I wake up in the morning and raise my blinds to find a wonderful fog hanging around, I get so excited.  Like, how excited I imagine kids are when they wake up to snow on Christmas morning.  A lot of times, I go out with my camera and find that things aren't quite as majestic as they seemed from inside,  and I wonder if the fog is playing tricks on me because as soon as I come back inside it looks wonderful again, like it did when I decided to go out.
Anyway, I know I took photos in these woods last week but I'm having a location dilemma at the moment.  I guess I just need to start driving around exploring (and trying to get over my fear of being run off and screamed at for taking photos somewhere I shouldn't be) to find more places to photograph!

*I also took my Konica out with me today because I've been working on this roll of Ektar for ages and I'm ready to finish it already!

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