November 2, 2011


As per usual, I came up with an idea, went to execute it, got lazy, and the result wasn't what I had in mind.  Now that I have a society6 shop, my mind is buzzing with the types of photos I'd hang as prints on my wall--and therefore, the types of photos I'd like to take and post and hopefully sell to others.  As a fan of wine--especially Virginia wine--I had the idea to gather up VA wine corks (around this house, there's no shortage of those) and take a variety of photos that might look nice in a frame.  In my mind, I was creating works of art that wine enthusiasts would love, photos I could give as gifts and just generally enjoy.  I don't think I've met that goal yet, but I may keep trying.

Until Sunday, society6 is offering free shipping!  I created an account there yesterday and BAM I found out shipping is free for the next few days (through Sunday)!  That means now really is a great time to buy some prints...;)                                                                                                                                                                                 


  1. i like that first one... it looks like some of those corks have glitter on them! i'm pretty sure a wine lover would love to hang these up on their wall!

  2. These are an absolute lovely inspiration as I start my monday—slowly but surely. ;)


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