November 24, 2011

things i love thursday, thanksgiving edition

My second TILT post overlaps with Thanksgiving and I don't feel right making a things-I-love post without making any statements about what I'm thankful for and all of that.  Luckily, a lot of the things I love and the things I'm thankful for here's a list with a few of both:

  • my boyfriend and my dog
  • Marcel the Shell
  • three meals a day
  • big, old, sprawling trees
  • my family and everything they do for me
  • (probably because my room/life is always a mess)
  • hammocks
  • photo frames in sets of three 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, however you spent it.  Tomorrow starts Christmas season...and I'm not ready at all!


  1. I think I'm going to start doing TILT on my photo blog... I seem to have abandoned my old Blogspot. Oops.

  2. beautiful blog and photos! ciao ciao


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