November 25, 2011

samantha & mandy

I just got done with these portraits of Samantha (I've shot with her before) and Mandy, her Boston Terrier.  She wanted to do some studio-ish portraits, which I are totally foreign to me, but we tried to put together a makeshift studio in my garage anyway.  She brought a few white sheets and with the help of some packing tape, we at least had a white backdrop to shoot.  Getting the dog to cooperate, on the other hand, was not so simple, but I think we managed to get a few decent shots anyway (often by asking Mandy if she wanted to go-for-a-ride? or treat?)  Photographers specializing in pets and children, hats off to you!

There are more photos on my Facebook page, too (and I just altered my ~*watermark*~ to hopefully something a tad more professional looking)

1 comment:

  1. Oh I totally didn't notice your new watermark when I was looking at them on Facebook earlier! I love it, totally maintains the quality of the image while giving you credit. I guess the key to a good watermark is kind of opacity.


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