November 14, 2011

soup & wine

I'm now convinced I need a vine head to hang in my house and decorate seasonally...

Evin recently joined his (our?  I will call it that even though I am not the one shelling out the cash) first wine club, and this weekend was our first event as part of it!  My parents have been members at this winery for years and we were finally able to experience the annual soup & wine event that they hold there.  There are several dates for the event to accommodate everyone, and the first few are held in the barn...which I LOVE!  What a neat space...I'd love to photograph (or have :P) a wedding reception in there!  We had three soups (champagne brie, butternut squash & carrot, and French onion), each paired with a different wine, and a dessert course with "port."  Afterward we headed to a nearby winery for more tasting (and hanging out on their porch) before coming home for dinner and a cozy fire outside.  Sunday was spent checking out some space in a cute town not far from here (where I may start working...but I'm not going to say anything about it until it seems more likely to happen) and then picking up leaves in the yard.  I made Guinness beef stew for dinner and some snickerdoodles for dessert and watched Thursday night TV with Evin, which really makes for a lovely evening :)


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend Karly, I'm so jealous! I love that second photo, the Christmas lights are a nice touch!

  2. That glow in the doorway just kills me. What a wonderful time this must have been!

  3. The photo of you and Evin is really nice, and I love the one of the vine. Gorgeous :) I'm jealous of that vine head, actually...


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