August 1, 2011


I spent this weekend in Blacksburg with Evin and some friends, being lazier than ever as a so-called "photograher."  I brought my DSLR, but it never left its actually almost seems silly to be making a blog post full of photos that can't really even be considered "good," but they're what I have from the weekend and it's more about the memories, right?
Friday night we arrived, ate dinner, and drank too much.  Or maybe that was just me, overzealous about being back in my college town, ordering unbelievably cheap drinks on happy hour.  We visited a few old haunts before it became necessary to head back to Evin's apartment.  The next morning, it was Panera for breakfast (and caffeine) and then off to the New River to float all day.  It was wonderful.  I'm going to add rivers (and dragonflies, and puffy good-weather clouds) to my list of things that make me happy.  After we'd had enough playing, sun, and watermelon, we got back in the truck (oh yeah, I drove my dad's giant truck down there so we could bring the rest of the contents of Evin's apartment back up to his house) and left to get ready for dinner.  Dinner (and delicious Rio Grande margaritas--frozen marg with a Coronita turned upside down in the glass) was followed by a much less rowdy night downtown, which we ended by going to the hookah bar and playing Super Mario World 3 on an NES and little old TV.  Though I don't smoke, it was enjoyable sitting there and relaxing (we were all exhausted by that point).  Sunday morning I went and got Carol Lee donuts and Evin's apartment was emptied...not the most fun way to spend our last day in town, but it had to be done (I'd much rather have gone back to the river!).  I miss Blacksburg again already and can't wait to go back for some Hokie football, hopefully this fall!

*I processed these photos in Lightroom with a variety of presets, including one I tweaked...I feel so ridiculous editing these point-and-shoot photos so much, but...ah well.  I'm sure I'll soon feel like I need to start taking "good" photos again and actually learning how to edit well, but for the time being, this is what I felt like doing.  I also shot about half a roll with my Ultra Wide and Slim this weekend--I took it in the river with me, reasoning with myself that though it's not waterproof, water probably wouldn't hurt it as it doesn't have any electronics.  I never submerged it but it did get splashed quite a bit.  Once I finish that roll, I will probably send it off to Snapfish for processing because I'm not sure how long it will be until I get to Costco again.  I'm anxious to see those photos, so hopefully I'll be able to finish the roll soon!

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