August 11, 2011


Last week at Lowe's, we happened upon a pretty great plant sale...most things were 50% off.  I gravitated toward the succulents (or as I like to call them, babies) and was thrilled to see that they were included in the sale.  They had some pretty cute, already-made planters with rocks and succulents inside, and I came very close to buying one of those...but then I decided (with some convincing) that it would be much more fun to buy plants and create my own little garden!  My mom found a bowl for me at home and tonight I finally got to it.
I really had no plan when I was buying plants, so my selections perhaps weren't perfect for this project, but...whatever!  It was my first try!  I watched this video, which pretty much let me know that I could jam as many plants into the planter as I felt like.
I did.
My design isn't perfect, but I think it will make a nice, low-maintenance (perfect!) addition to my bedroom. :)

*I may have accidentally broken off quite a few "arms" (leaves?  what are you supposed to call pieces of the succulent?) and am under the impression that I may be able to grow new plants from those...will be looking more into that tomorrow!


  1. yay! and yes you can! for succulents, you can pretty much just stick them down in dirt and they will grow, just be careful not to over water them. you can buy root growth hormone which is supposed to help them grow roots more quickly.

  2. Those look lovely, and I have to say your design is very professional, I wish I had the patience to grow plants. When I moved out of my parent's I started buying lots and lots of plants but they would die all of a sudden! so I stuck with a couple of orchids which are very low maintenance. x

  3. I love this Karly, and I love what you've done with your arrangement!
    I've been planning to make something like this:
    with all my tiny little jars. I think they are so cute!


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