August 18, 2011

wet plastic lens

Photos from my Ultra Wide and Slim, taken in Blacksburg and at the lake and around town.  Many of these photos were taken when the camera/lens was wet--I took the camera into the river because I figured it doesn't have any electronic parts and though it may not be water-tight, a little river water wasn't going to hurt it or my film, right?  Well it seems I was mostly right...the photos are a bit hazy, but then again I had them processed through Snapfish and their process isn't of the same quality that I get at Costco.  They're ok though.  Summer-hazy.
I'm looking into the possibility of trying to turn my photography into an extra source of income...obviously I have a part-time job now where I'm taking photos and getting paid as part of it but I want more...and need more.  I'm thinking about both taking photos on a for-hire basis as well as attempting to sell prints (the latter sounds more appealing, because I've got this aversion to taking photos of people which needs to be overcome).  Anyway, that's what's going on in my world these days.
For now though I'll just keep posting silly, unprofessional (but life-cataloging) type photos (see above) on this blog :)


  1. is that 909 montgomery street or the other side of those apartments? i used to live in the one that would be above the flowers when i lived in 909... except then my porch was the one with flowers [and tons of beer bottles and bicycles] when i used to live there. blacksburg is such a small town. i wish you were still in it!

  2. You should do baby photography too. You can borrow Adele in January to build up your portfolio. Meanwhile, you could look at Anne Geddes photos for ideas and I'll forward the info of one other local photographer I like.

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