August 17, 2011

home developing

So, I finally developed a roll of black and white film at home.  Here are my thoughts on the process/outcome:

  • the process is simple and fun
  • pulling the developed negatives off the roll is the most exciting thing ever
  • many of these negatives seem improperly exposed...unfortunately I can't pinpoint the cause right now, because it may be faulty scanning (using an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier in combination with my iPod as a backlight), or it might be improper development time, or it might be improper exposure in camera
  • shooting black and white is not like shooting color, you have to rely on composition and contrast rather than color (which I have apparently been dependent on in the past...see flower photos above that look terribly boring)
  • I need a negative scanner ASAP
  • I think black and white photography will be better suited to late fall and winter conditions
  • I wish I could develop color film at home...maybe someday.
These photos were shot on Fomapan 100 with my Konica FT-1 Motor and developed with D76.

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