July 26, 2011

pocket cam

1. Rio Grande margarita at Chu Cho's in Blacksburg...been on my camera since last semester (April 22, to be exact)...a frozen margarita with a Coronita upside-down in it.  Fabulous.  I could go for one right now...
2. The grocery store.  Something about the watermelon underneath that fluorescent light...had to stop and take a photo
3. Our attempt at recreating Bonefish Grill's Bang Bang shrimp...not an exact replica, but a tasty dinner nonetheless
4. 8 quarts of berries from the weekend
5. Foggy lens from the suffocating humidity
6. The cove
7. Rose Island
8. Tube wars
9. The neighbor's ladder that I keep taking photos of 

I finally got the photos off my Canon Powershot A75 today by using my card reader...for some reason, plugging the camera in won't work these days...anyway, I'm always impressed by this little cam.  It's so easy to keep in my purse for those moments where another camera isn't around...the grocery store or restaurants, for example.  Decided to be "one of those people" and edit my point-and-shoot photos up a bit in Lightroom...just playing with presets and such (you can see that I was quite fond of the Selenium Tone one...all those blue tones).  I'm going to Blacksburg this weekend with Evin to visit and float down the New River--my biggest question is what camera(s) to bring to the river.  My "waterproof" Pentax has been giving me issues and I'm not sure if I trust it as my sole photo-taking device for the day...May find a watertight box to bring my Canon, may bring my UWS, may pick up a waterproof disposable, may do a combination of those things.  Cameras aside, I can't wait for Friday :D

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