August 26, 2011

two for tea

I went to a tea room for the first time today!  There's a little place in my town that I look at out the window every night at work (pretty much) so I've been wanting to try it.  Colleen agreed to go with me so this afternoon we sat around like 75 year old ladies, drinking tea from dainty little cups and eating pastries.  I loved it.  I got Lady Grey tea, which I don't think I've ever had before, and it was lovely!  The whole thing felt so old fashioned and I want to go to plenty more tea rooms in the future!  (I also want to get a tea set so I can drink tea like this at home too!)

Oh and we went to the (new!) Salvation Army afterwards and I got this book about greenhouses for $1! I really want a greenhouse when I get a place of my own :)

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