August 8, 2011

Weekend highlights:

  • plant sale at Lowe's (no photos from this, but I can tell you there will be---bought succulents for a terrarium, blueberry plants, crepe myrtles, and other fun things)
  • driving to the lake at beautiful dusk with the windows down
  • being on the lake before everyone else...the calmest water
  • being in the rain, getting soaked, enjoying it immensely
  • homemade guacamole (always a highlight in my life)
  • good wine
  • lots of laughs and plenty of rainshowers
  • being with Evin (also always a highlight...weekends are precious)

*I've tracked down everything I need for Caffenol developing except for one thing (vitamin C powder) and am working my way through my first/test roll of black and white film.  All I need is to stop by the vitamin store and finish shooting the roll before I can finally try out home developing!

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