August 7, 2011

little hick town

Friday morning I went with my mom and grandma over the mountain to visit some family for a little while.  I took photos for something other than work for the first time in several days (or weeks?) and enjoyed it immensely.  Many simple hanging my head out the car window on the mountain, breathing cool mountain air...and watching home-grown potatoes appear from dirt after some convincing with a shovel.
I would have uploaded these sooner, but I spent the weekend at the lake with Evin and my parents...and as a matter of fact, there are a few photos to share from that too!  I'll post those soon...but right now I'd like to get off the computer and dive into a new book (I just re-finished the Harry Potter series this afternoon...time to get started on the many books on my shelves that I HAVEN'T already read multiple times!)

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