January 27, 2011


I scanned this little collection of photos I took with my Polaroid today after deciding that each photo depicted one of my favorite things.  I was feeling pretty glad until the day pressed on and little-to-none of the snowfall promised for the area appeared (when there's a Winter Storm Warning in effect for the entire day, something HAS to happen, right??).  Work was awful and when I went outside, all there was to be seen was wet pavement reflecting the orange glow from the streetlamps.  
I dislike the winter but I'd sure like to see some snow.  If and when the winter decides to behave, there will be photographs abound.  I suppose there's some snow in the forecast for Friday, but after today's epic fail (I was promised anywhere between 2 and 8 inches and it seems to have fallen everywhere else in the state but here) I'm not sure if I can trust the weatherman anymore.  I've requested formal apologies from those forecasters who have lied to me via Facebook.
Also, picking back up the Polaroid for a little while (obviously).  I went on a small kick in October and the camera and film had been sitting dormant ever since.  Ideally, snow Polaroids will happen.  

What a weird post.  It's late, so that's my excuse.  Regular photoblogging to resume shortly?

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