January 24, 2011


Just a few happy things to start off the week!
My order from Four Corner Store was waiting for me when I got home from class/the gym/lunch just now.  Ten rolls of film (the blue roll is ISO 200 Konica Centuria that I plan to shoot with my Konica, of course!) and a QuadCam, which I've never used but am looking forward to trying.  All this stuff was only $25, plus shipping! 

I bought some new baby plants yesterday.  I'm really excited to learn more about succulents and their varieties (plus they're really cool looking!)

The cactus on the right has lived on my windowsill since July when I rescued it from Evin's house.  It belonged to his roommate who (accidentally?) left it behind when he moved out.  

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  1. I've heard of quad cams before, but have never seen any images from one. I'll look forward to seeing what you get with it. Have fun!


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