January 3, 2011


While cleaning out my room a few days ago, I found a photo album stuffed unceremoniously under my bed containing images that took me by surprise.  The album was from my trip to Wales during the summer of 2006 and all the photos were shot using my Canon Powershot that I'd had for a few years.  Looking through the photos brought back memories of the beauty and green of the country and I now really, really feel like making another visit.  I was impressed with the image quality I found in the pages of the album, with the brightness of the colors and sharpness of the details.  Scenes from the countryside and photos of friends were all just lovely.  I decided to dig up the digital copies of the photos and spruce them up (mostly crop and straighten) to share.  They're all already on my Flickr, but I wanted to post them here too with a little more description about the camera that made them.

All images digital, taken with Canon Powershot A75

After looking at all of these images, I started to get sad as I remembered that this little old camera wouldn't work for me anymore.  I used it during my first semester of college (fall 2007) but after that, things weren't so good.  The camera turns on just fine and I can even review images still left on the 256MB CF card from years ago, but in shooting mode, the screen is black and any images taken are black too.  This morning, I did a little Googling to try to figure out if the problem is just age or if maybe I hit it on my desk enough times it will start to work again...what I found was that Canon put out a product advisory on my specific problem and there's still hope!  It seems like it's a faulty CCD and that the problem is relatively widespread.  Canon's site says here that they'll repair it for free and even pay for the shipping and handling!  I'm pretty much thrilled with this news.  This camera is six years old and I've since acquired a new point and shoot (my Pentax Optio W90--waterproof and all) but the new camera isn't quite the same.  It has 4x the megapixels and underwater capability, but the image quality leaves a lot to be desired.  If I could have my old Powershot fixed (for FREE!) to have in my bag, I'd be a happy happy girl.  It has so much manual capability (it's got a dial on top to almost rival the one on my D80--P, Tv, Av, M, video, panorama (?), and a bunch of Scene modes) compared with my Pentax and the idea of having it in working condition is just all around awesome.  I've sent Canon's Support Center an email and we'll just have to see what happens.


  1. That IS a bomb camera. My cousin had it, and even though the LCD is teeeeeeny tiny and it's clunky, it took surprisingly beautiful pictures. SUPER vivid colours.

    (This is k80 btw)

  2. Great series! I'm glad you found that album. I hope you are able to get your Canon fixed. They are sweet little cameras. My daughter has/had a similar model that got bashed around a little too often and finally quit. Maybe I'd better check on that one too. Who knows? Good luck!!


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