January 19, 2011


On a Goodwill adventure with my mom before Christmas, I found quite a few sweet things for not a lot of money.  9 records in reasonable shape (that I've actually heard of!) for 99 cents each and two compact film cameras, each $2.99.  One seemed more promising than the other, as it looked like it had barely been used, while the other was more questionable, as the battery contacts were corroded.  After hunting down and paying more for a battery than I paid for the camera (the first camera, of course, with good battery contacts), I shot a roll and the results weren't bad.  The camera is a Canon Sureshot 60 Zoom.  It looks like this:

And takes photos like this: (ok these are just the photos from the first roll I shot with it)

We made sure to let the Christmas tree get nice and dry before attempting to take it out of the house.  HA!

I forgot to change the scanning area on that one (not sure why the scanner was acting up and not properly picking up the edge of the photos, but whatever) so that's why this one is weird.


Champagne, Sam Adams Winter Lager, and Cheerwine.  Happy New Year!

Merrifield Garden Center

Merrifield Garden Center

Merrifield Garden Center (this is one of my favorites)

Merrifield Garden Center

All taken with Canon Sureshot 60 Zoom on Fujifilm ISO 200 film (developed at Costco)

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