January 28, 2011

friday film

Just some film I had developed right before I came back to school for the semester.  I messed up the roll while rewinding and somehow managed to get the film completely out of the canister so that I couldn't remove it from the camera.  Luckily, I was able to catch the photo tech at Costco before his lunch break and he used the black tent thing they had to take the film out of my camera and put it into another canister for developing.  Some of the photos were wiped from the roll (I kept popping the back open to check to see if the film had rewound) and others have light leaks but overall the roll wasn't ruined, so that's a plus!
I shot this roll starting at the end of December through mid-January.  Each photo feels so much like home.

Bottlecap collection

Thanks for blinking

Sticky Fingers

I finally got a hardback copy of Sorcerer's Stone and it has pretty stars all over it :)

Pattern shopping

The last bit of peanut butter

The skirt that took days to make


Nikon EM, Four Corner Store ISO 200 film

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  1. Your Flickr is wonderful - so following you here as well!

    Looking forward to more posts :]


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