January 14, 2011

via julia-augusta

I'm in the process of backing up my photos to my external hard drive, and in doing so, I keep getting distracted and going through the pictures and remembering things (of course, I also have an essay to be writing and plenty of other things that need to get done before I go back to school this weekend).  Anyway, I'm just sitting here reminiscing about how absolutely gorgeous France was and how I don't think I fully appreciated it while I was there (but now that it's winter, I certainly appreciate its beauty).  Here are some photos from the day we took a trip up a winding road to visit a winery--Via Julia Augusta, if I'm not mistaken.  I don't remember many of the intricacies of the nature of the name or the grapes but I remember the wine tasted nice.  It was my first official wine tasting :)

The winemaker explaining the wine


In the middle of our tasting, this dog ran up to this fountain, clambered in, splashed around, and jumped back out as if nothing had happened.  I could hardly contain my excitement.



While waiting for the bus we ate mulberries and they were delicious

We had to change buses in Nice and there was a whole thing with the buses being too full.  I snapped a photo of this bike looking rather picturesque...

All digital, taken with Nikon D80


  1. oh my god that beach looks heavenly! i would love to go there!

  2. That photo looking down into the glass of red wine is heavenly.


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