January 30, 2011

photographic inventory of photographs

A friend who was over at my apartment on Friday made the observation, upon seeing the decor in my bedroom, that I have a lot of photographs.  Of course, it's true, but I hadn't really paid attention to just how many are hanging on my walls and living in frames on every flat surface...

My desk

The hutch above my desk (there are three frames but really you can only see two)

Next to my desk: collages, a collection (mostly) of photos of Evin and I, and my Warhol poster

Above my bed

Next to my bed

From friends

The dresser (favorites)

In boxes


  1. right before i moved into my apartment, about two years ago, i remember going through all my stuff in my old bedroom while packing and cleaning things out, and my mom threw away every photo i had. i wish i still had them!

  2. I love this post...especially the photos above your bed that are organized by color.


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