January 6, 2011

second roll

Photos from the second roll I shot with my newest camera (the Nikon EM from the previous post).

This is a ridiculous scan of the contact sheet I got when I got these photos back at Costco :P

White House

An instance where I wish this camera wasn't automatic


All film, shot with Nikon EM and 50mm f1.8 E lens on 200 speed Four Corner Store Film

I've been boring lately, haven't taken nearly any photos at all.  I've had a cold so it's been lazy days and working on an essay and making collages out of old Teen Vogue magazines I'll never read but can't throw out.  I ordered some prints today from Snapfish (cost me far more than I anticipated when I got the brilliant idea in the first place so I'm hoping I don't screw it up too bad) for future collages.  There's my life update.

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  1. hi. i was browsing then i happen to see your blog, your film photos are beautiful :)


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