January 22, 2011

peanut butter cups

Today, I made candy for the first time.  Evin's grandma always makes a delicious assortment of candies for holidays and I've taken quite a liking to her homemade chocolate peanut butter cups (she sends them to Evin in the mail and I snatch them up).  Since I couldn't go up to her house over winter break to visit (/learn how to make these delicious treats), she did the next best thing for me: created a cute little gift package containing everything I'd need to recreate them myself.  This morning I gave it a shot.  The recipe was rather simple, but putting together all those peanut butter cups was time consuming.  SO worth it, though!

(the only thing Evin's grandma didn't send was the butter, of course)

pre-powdered sugar

post-powdered sugar

My ghetto double boiler--Evin doesn't have any glass bowls so we had to make do.  It worked out alright!

This being my first time, I didn't really know how much peanut butter to put in each cup and as a result, I had a LOT of filling left over.  Some of the candies look a little silly, but the good news is I stuck the filling in the fridge for just in case I decide to buy more chocolate and make more peanut butter cups :)


  1. I want one! That's so cute of his grandma to send you ingredients and the recipe and everything!


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