January 4, 2011

new camera

A few hours before leaving Blacksburg for winter break, I met up with a friend who gave me his old Nikon EM from his high school photography class days (I may have mentioned this a few weeks ago when I got it).  I've so far put two rolls of film through it and have been rather pleased with the results!  I'm home, bored, and sick and therefore making a blog post containing the photos from my first roll through the EM.  I shot it on expired Kodak HD 400 film (no idea how old it was).  The first two came out dark and I'm not sure why since the camera is aperture priority (automatic).
To me, the entire roll feels rather quiet.

The sun rises on this side of our house in the mornings, and I can't for the life of me remember why I would have been awake so early on this occasion...

All film, taken with Nikon EM and 50mm f1.8 E lens

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  1. Overall, I think they look pretty good. They all seem to be on the darker side which gives the subdued (quiet) tones. That isn't necessarily a bad thing unless your intent was some thing really bright. My favorites are the window/light image, the 3 pairs of boots, and the old Beatles album. If the light is a problem, you might try setting your aperture a little more open and see what happens. Have fun!


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