September 27, 2012

irish medium format, roll 5

This roll is incomplete because 1/3 of the photos were blurry.  I am led to believe that this was probably caused because I had the shutter speed (or aperture?  But I'm guessing shutter speed) set in between 2 values (for instance, between 1/250 and 1/500), which in theory creates shutter lag and the movement of the camera from pressing the shutter caused shake and blur in the images.  On my Yashica the dials are just continuous, so I know now to pay better attention that the shutter speed and aperture are set exactly where they need to be.
Anyway.  Kind of a bummer, but now I know what NOT to do.

  1. Castle ruin at Clonmacnoise
  2. Kylemore Abbey
  3. The beach in Clifden
  4. Clifden
  5. Sky road, Clifden
  6. Diamond Hill, Connemara National Park
  7. Foggy at the top of Diamond Hill
  8. Valleys on the descent (slightly blurry but not so bad that I chose not to post)
One more roll of 120, maybe a few Ultra Wide & Slim shots, and handful of digital nonsense from Dublin and this trip is a wrap.  Time to book our tickets and go again, right?

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