September 10, 2012

salt air, roll 2

Second roll of beach 120 because this blog features rotating content (and if I wait until after all of Ireland is shared, I'll be posting beach pictures just in time for Christmas)
  1. pile of buoys in Nags story: we rode past them when my brother was driving, and they were hanging behind a truck forming a sort of wall of buoys, and I squealed but he wouldn't turn around and I went crazy because missed photo opportunities make me that way, but then the next day we were in the area and went back to find them and they weren't there, and we said oh maybe they'll be back, so we checked again later and there was nothing, and then my parents texted me to say they were back so we checked a third time (maybe a fourth, I can't remember) and they were there, only in a pile, and while I was shooting them next to the road like a fool the truck from which they were hanging the previous day pulled in and sat there waiting for me to finish so he could take them away.
  2. more buoys because after all that, how could I NOT take two photos (there are some digital ones too)
  3. Flowers that were growing all over people's lawns but not anywhere I could easily photograph them (Evin pulled into someone's driveway so I could shoot these, I do an obnoxious amount of photography on the side of the road)
  4. Evin flying his new toy
  5. Hobie Cats at the sailing place
  6. Water sports
  7. Old pilings, new deck
  8. Bodie Island light encased in scaffolding.  Seems like EVERY TIME I try to visit some important or interesting landmark, it's covered in construction.  The Pantheon in Rome, the Rock of Cashel in Ireland, Bodie Island light (which of all the Outer Banks lighthouses is the one I was most looking forward to shooting)
  9. Water grass
  10. Cat tails?  And weird coloring?
  11. View from the top of Cape Hatteras light (257 stairs is a lot of stairs)
  12. Cape Hatteras light from solid ground (257 stairs is a lot of stairs on the way down too)

1 comment:

  1. Buoys FTW... I mean you should really have just brought them all home with you. Next time you see a big pile, think WEDDING DECOR.


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