September 21, 2012


It makes me moderately crazy that I'm uploading this way, that is, I had two rolls of film processed and I'm not posting the first (oldest) one first, BUT I am just DYING to share my giddiness over Ektar.
I have shot Ektar plenty before, it was my very first 120 film (remember way back last Christmas when I'd asked for film and specified Ektar but what I got was 120 and I didn't own a medium format camera, so I BOUGHT one just to shoot this film? yeah), but this roll just blows me away.  It might be because I am still learning the perfect scanning method, or I am slowly becoming proficient shooting with a TLR, or both.  Either way, after this roll I am prepared to state that everyone should buy a medium format camera just so they can shoot this beautiful film.  THAT'S how excited I am about it.  I just won't mention that I'm slightly afraid I may not be able to get my hands on it in the future.  Better buy now!
I came close to shooting this whole roll on Sunday at Evin's grandma's house.  12 photos in a roll and I STILL can't finish one in a day.  There are other photos from the weekend, but they're on the preceding roll of film, which will probably be uploaded next week.  Lots of photos of my dog.
  1. Morning walk at the farm=golden everything.  I was more or less freaking out.
  2. My two favorite boys up ahead on the path.
  3. More golden stuff.  This photo makes me so GIDDY.  There is NO grain!  It's focused exactly how I wanted (sometimes this is harder than I expect)!  Ugh I want to have it printed big just so I can stare at the details.
  4. My fabulous fiancĂ© pulled over so I could hop out and take this photo, even though it was directly in front of someone's house.  He gets me :)
  5. This one makes me giddy too.  A corner of Evin's grandma's home, with the tea pot and plants and Ball jars.  I think it was taken at 1/30 or 1/15 sec and I am so glad it's sharp!
  6. Straight out of the garden.  Evin wasn't very happy at how long he had to hold his arm out like that for me to get the picture set up...
  7. :)
  8. Cosmos growing crazy at a gas station
  9. Finley was laying with his head on the ground, all sweet, and the orange morning sun was lighting his fur, so I set up the shot (on some books) and set the self timer so I wouldn't jar the camera pressing the shutter.  The ticking noise of the timer made him pick his head up and look quizzically at me.  D'oh.
  10. Nature dog :) This was going to be just a shot of a mushroom, but Finley joined in and I was ok with it.
  11. Signs of the season.  A little camera shake :/
  12. Handsome dog in the driveway (finishing up the roll so I could drop it off already!)

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  1. I love your square pics :) And your sweet puppy.


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