September 26, 2012

three september weekends

The first three weekends in September, shot on Fuji Reala film.

  1. Thought I'd do it right and shoot my Andy Warhol soup cans with a vintage camera
  2. Woods walkin'
  3. Would have been an adorable photo if it weren't for Finley's tendency to move as soon as I click the shutter
  4. Honeycrisp
  5. On the tree
  6. On the (dwarf) (pick your own) tree
  7. Apple bins.  LOVE APPLE BINS.  Last year when we drove past them I squealed and didn't get a proper photo, but this year we drove in the farmer's field and I hopped out and quickly did my illegal shooting with two cameras
  8. The old farm truck and a backlit web
  9. Good boy treats in the field
  10. Finley and my shadow at Grandma's house
  11. Halo-dog
  12. The Christmas tree field at dusk

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