October 3, 2012

instant love: another camera

One of my many photo dreams has come true...I got a Polaroid Land Camera, it works, and it takes film that's being produced today!  Woooohoooo!  It arrived yesterday and I wasted no time loading it up and taking it out into the woods this morning.  It happened to be delightfully foggy so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to christen the camera (which, by the way, is a Polaroid Super Shooter)!
I took two more photos on the way home, one of a sign I've been meaning to shoot for weeks (this took a lot of driving back and forth because I never want to commit and pull over but there were always cars behind me so I couldn't slow down in the middle of the road) and the other of a changing tree in town.
When I got home, I decided to try bleaching the negatives that were peeled away from the prints (which are scanned above).  I'd read a tutorial online and gave it a shot in the kitchen sink.  I was not as careful as I could have been, and rather than hanging my negatives to dry I wiped them with a napkin so I could scan them right away (most impatient person ever) so the results have a really different effect than I might have expected.  Damaged, vintage...I sort of like it!  And don't mind much, since I of course still have the prints themselves, and the negatives are a bit of a bonus (that many people throw away, I'm sure!).  I'll keep trying, more carefully...the shots on Justin Goode's blog (the link above) are totally gorgeous!
The bleached scans are below:

I love these damaged shots so much because they're actually real...they're physical bits of film and not some cheapy Photoshop (or worse...iPhone) filter :)

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  1. Karly!! Congrats on the land camera! Aren't they so much fun!?!? These images are are lovely!! Great post. I really appreciate the link back to the article. I look forward to seeing & reading more about your adventures with the Polaroid. Have you shot any Impossible Project film?


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