September 4, 2012

early august

Well THIS film has been sitting around for awhile...almost three weeks maybe?  It's time to get caught up.  Last night I got caught up on 18 days of my food 365 on Facebook and Flickr, this week I hope to plow through some beach film and a few more Ireland days...all good things.
Anyway, this roll of film was sort of a test roll for the N90s fitted with my new 50mm f1.4.  It was shot at work and in DC (the last few photos shot immediately after getting engaged!!).  Can I mention that bonsai is my new favorite thing?  The National Arboretum has an AMAZING and inspiring collection of bonsai trees, some as old as 300 years old (and others that look older and their dates are unknown).  Evin and I are totally going to start our own bonsai once we decide on a tree.  I could have spent all day in that part of the garden!

1 comment:

  1. You are killing me with the food and the flowers... Pie me please!

    I can't wait to come visit you and Evin in your amazing garden.


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