September 17, 2012

salt air, roll 3

Last roll of 120 from the beach.  Also, my 300th blog post.  Seems like that number should be a lot higher, but I guess it isn't.

  1. Cape Hatteras lighthouse
  2. Cape Hatteras lighthouse from its old location.  The beach grass got in the way of a clear shot of the lighthouse in its current place...they moved it all that way because it was about to fall into the sea.
  3. A flag at the dune line
  4. Shore
  5. Someone had arranged sticks to spell "at the edge of life" next to a pile of wood and mess
  6. Tried to shoot the little periwinkles and sand fleas burrowing into the sand when the wave went out. 
  7. Beautiful beach wood
  8. "                                "
  9. "                                " (I want to decorate my kitchen in these calming colors)
  10. Pup prints in the sand
  11. Crab pots on the sound
Happy Monday.  Fall is on the way!!

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