September 12, 2012

irish midlands

I'm on a roll with Ireland photos now.  The rest of the trip is edited and it's just about time to start laying out my first photo book.  My goal is to bookify the fantastic trips that Evin and I take, so this is attempt 1.
Anyway, these photos.  Another day-trip from the lake cabins, we didn't go nearly as far.  Our first stop was Roscommon to visit the castle there.  We parked the car and headed inside the castle, which is situated in a park, and when we came out there were cows in the field out front!  I let myself in the field with them to get a photo...cows in front of a castle ruin...and when I reached in my backpack I think they assumed I had food and started converging.  They weren't very nice-looking cows!  I shot photos while backing away and finally hopped a gate to snap from what I considered a safer location.
After Roscommon, we visited the monastic settlement at Clonmacnoise, which was beautiful in its decay.  To wrap up the day, we had pints in Athlone at Sean's Bar, which is Ireland's oldest pub (est 900AD).  Certainly not the tourist attraction one might expect...floors all covered in sawdust and more or less empty (though we were there in the afternoon during the week).
I'm going to keep these travel photos rolling since they're all ready to be shared!  Yay for nearing the end!!

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