September 11, 2012

cliffs & things

The day we visited the Cliffs of Moher.  Evin's aunts planned activities for the family while staying at the lake cabins, and a this trip was one of them.  Evin and I rode in a van with his aunt's family from California and drove from the midlands to the coast, stopping at Dungaire castle (which appeared to be a popular stop for tours destined for the cliffs) and driving through the burren region, where we also stopped at Poulnabrone tomb and hopped around on the crazy rocks there.  At the cliffs, things were pretty touristy (of course, they're beautiful!), but those who'd visited before said it certainly wasn't always that way.  Evin's parents remember visiting in the past where the only building there was a tiny gift shop, no fences or barricades to prevent you from falling 800 feet to your death...just cliffs and ocean.  I was glad for the barricades but wish I could have seen it in its past, natural beauty.  Where the official park ended, there was a rock fence and sign prohibiting anyone from passing that point, but there was a clear path past that and people walked up and down the stretch of the cliffs, wandering with their faces in their cell phones just feet from the edge.  I couldn't believe it!  But I guess that's just me.
On the way back we stopped at a pub our driver insisted was great--Moran's at the Weir.  We drank Guinness outside and I tried my first ever oyster, which came right out of Galway bay.  Local!  That was an experience.  So much gagging.  Guess raw shellfish isn't for me...
We ate dinner back in the town where we were staying and I tried a Smithwicks for a change.  One of the things I love most about Ireland is that each beer has its own dedicated glass and is seemingly always served in such.  Makes it taste better I think ;)

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