February 27, 2012

signs of spring

The weekend was nice.  Saturday we took Finley for a walk in the woods and then drove to Ikea, which, despite the mobs of people everywhere, was awesome.  I love Ikea, I always have, and it was Evin's first time there.  I told him not to let me buy anything, but I couldn't help spending $6 on these two little glass teacups (pictured repeatedly above) in pink and green.  I am in LOVE with them.  We grabbed a bite to eat in the cafe where we shared Swedish meatballs and tried semla (the pastry and cream thing in the foreground of the second photo)...loved the meatballs, but found the semla to be odd.
Yesterday we drank tea out of the adorable new teacups and went to the lake to help with the house: dad and Evin hanging doors and installing trim, mom and I sanding and painting trim in the garage, Finley running around the yard like a crazy dog.
I also used my ice cream machine this weekend--blog post on that to come--and brought some daffodils inside, which are blooming beautifully in jars and making me really happy.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your trip to Ikea! It really is my favorite place to go shopping, I've only been a couple times and even 2 hours is not long enough to browse through or even to browse through the catalog for that matter. I'm crazy about their meatballs too, take me there!


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