February 2, 2012

tilt [things i love thursday]

  • handcrafted waffle cones...words cannot describe their deliciousness
  • artwork by Katie Daisy...so cheery and whimsical and inspiring!  Here's her Etsy...I'll certainly be making purchases from her in the future :)
  • bright, happy yellow...the teapot in which my Earl Grey was contained on Saturday at the tea room was the cheerfullest shade.  I've never been a huge fan of the color yellow but at the moment it's my favorite!
  • Peppermint patties...I was given a bag and can't stop eating them.  I saw a recipe in one of my cookbooks for a homemade version (as an ice cream mix-in) so...that'll be happening sometime soon.
  • images from the Hubble Telescope, which I found thanks to Orange Juice, Etc...they're available for download and I'm loving my new desktop background (which looks extra delightful on this iMac...just saying)
  • pineapple and rum, or more specifically, Dole pineapple juice (in the big can) and Cruzan Aged Gold Rum.  There is no more perfect combination of two substances...takes me straight back to St. Thomas and all happy summer days, even in the middle of winter.  Deeee-LISH.
Ever notice how all my TILT posts feature at least one (and usually more) food (or drink)?  I guess the way to my heart is through my stomach...


  1. Oh my god I want a peppermint patty so bad now. Pineapple and rum used to be one of my favorite drinks, it reminds me of a trip I took to Miami years ago, I don't think I've had it since (maybe a little too much of a good thing while I was there haha)

  2. oh my gosh thank you for that link to Katie Daisy's etsy page. i unknowingly came across something of hers on tumblr and loved it. now that i see her gallery I WANT EVERYTHING. how will i ever choose?

  3. If you like that artwork, try this too! http://www.etsy.com/shop/rachelaustin Just found her stuff recently and am thinking of buying a print.

  4. such a nice list! and how pretty is that pic?


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