February 20, 2012


This weekend, as has been typical for awhile, my digital camera was a bit neglected.  I visited Evin for a quiet weekend that I shot mostly on film, so those photos will come soon.  I'm waiting on the delivery of my negative scanner (yes...I continue to spend money, I know) and when it arrives there will be at least three new rolls of film (2 of which are 36 exposures!) to share.  Poor little neglected blog...the (hopefully) quality posts are coming soon!

photo 1: Baloo in the afternoon light, which I intentionally underexposed in order to create a photo of the scene as my eyes saw it
photo 2: my 85mm likes afternoon light, mmmm yes it does
photo 3: bangers and mash (!!!)...my contribution to the meal being the onion gravy.  Yum.


  1. Nice photos :) I really like them :D

  2. Love that dog picture... I was a little confused because THAT'S NOT FINLEY! I hope your scanner is amazing, I can't wait till it comes and you do a blog post!


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