February 23, 2012

things i love thursday

  • Puffy vests.  So perfect for late autumn, winter, and early spring walks...and I take a lot of walks nowadays (see third bullet point below)
  • Sunny, freshly snow-covered mornings.  Gorgeous light bouncing happily off all that sparkly new snow...perfection.
  • How active my dog keeps me.  In order to keep him manageable (read: worn out) I have to spend a lot of time outside doing things with him, walking, playing, etc....stuff I definitely wouldn't be doing by myself!  Finley, as crazy as you make me sometimes, thanks for keeping me from spending too much time on my butt :)
  • This happy dress.  Total impulse buy at Target this weekend, oopsie.  Can't wait to frolic around in it!
  • Donuts, especially frosted ones...I miss Carol Lee!  The grocery store variety in a plastic bag (above) tastes pretty good, but doesn't quite compare...
  • Having a negative scanner!  Being able to process my own black and white film and have my color film processed quickly and cheaply in town without messing with prints...I'm very excited about it.


  1. Dogs are great like that! Having three it is constant activity in my house! That looks so yummy, sugary filled goodness :)

  2. I love puffy vests... and just realized that you changed your layout. If I didn't suck at life I would take my dog out too and maybe she wouldn't be such a psychopath.


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